Mott Building Services, a division of Mott Concrete, Inc., is a locally owned and operated construction company that specializes in shell contracting for both residential and commercial construction.  We are uniquely positioned to assist you in building the structural aspects (“shell”) of your building project.  Let us add convenience and savings to your building experience.


     We are more than just a concrete company.  Our company provides construction services from the layout of your home to dry-in for roof completion, as well as stucco and grade work. 


     Our “shell package” can save you money and time by allowing you to do business with one company from the beginning of your project through masonry, framing, stucco, and beyond, if you choose.  Our services include both labor and materials, and you can be assured we use only the highest quality products available.


     Mott Building Services has completed thousands of projects in Central Florida; we are a fully licensed and insured construction company; and we follow Florida’s strict building codes.  In addition, we offer plan review services that can eliminate mistakes before they happen.  You can also be assured that Mott Building Services will work together with you and your bank in the draw process.


Owners of Mott Concrete, Diane and Larry Mott.