Mott Concrete, at Larry Mott’s direction, has been instrumental in our company’s growth and continued quality recognition. Mott Concrete was paramount in Pringle Development growing from 300 to nearly 600 hundred homes per year in the recent housing boom, while never sacrificing quality.
Larry is President of our Trade Council which represents our confidence in Mott Concrete and the integrity, service and quality they convey in all that they do. Their employees are professional, polite and committed to exceeding the customer’s expectations.
Mott Concrete is an NHQ Certified Trade Partner. This prestigious designation places Mott Concrete in a class of a chosen few. Mott Concrete is Pringle’s second most tenured Trade Partner.
I highly recommend Mott Concrete for any construction project you may have.
-C. Joseph Ziler
 Pringle Development
We have being doing business with Mott Concrete since June 2003. Along with our growth, we have also seen them grow and expand into different fields offering a variety of trained employees to help us accomplish our goals. They have always strived to help eliminate problems that may arise in the field and make the operation run smoothly. Even during the busiest of times they not only focused on keeping up with the pace but they were always concerned that the quality be the best that it can be.
Over the past five years there have been many changes in our industry and we have always been able to rely on Mott through out these changes. They have not only provided us with excellent service but have even helped our homeowners with additions afterwards. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for concrete work to be done.
-John McDaniels
 Director of Construction, Summerglen
 Florida Leisure Communities
“Ro-Mac Lumber has been doing business with Mott Concrete for over 25 years, and their honesty and trustworthiness are beyond reproach.  High quality standards in all aspects of their business are a direct result of the hands on approach of Larry and Diane Mott.  They have been a joy to do business with.”
-Don Magruder
 Vice President and General Manager
 Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply, Inc.
I highly recommend Mott Concrete and Building Services to anyone building a new home. Two years after it was built, my wife and I are still thrilled with our custom home by Larry Mott.
Larry's creativity and knowledge of construction is amazing. He made tons of suggestions, and allowed us to have everything our way, but at the same time, kept us from making layman mistakes that we would have regretted.
Larry was on the job site for all phases of the project. Often times, he would dive right in and do some of the work himself. When we had questions or concerns, Larry was always just a quick phone call away.
I wouldn't consider anyone else for my next home, but I don't think anyone will ever be able to pry me from this one. We have our ultimate dream home, and we are confident it is very well constructed.
 -Greg Wilemon, Ocala, Fl.